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What is Cypress? and Why is it so famous?

By Naveen Bhati
Published in Testing
June 08, 2019
1 min read

Cypress has quickly become one of the industries’ most popular end-to-end testing tool. Cypress has risen in popularity in the past few years as it has changed the way we test.

If you are in the software development and testing industry, you may have or will notice everyone talking about Cypress especially when it comes to end-to-end UI testing. Cypress is becoming one of the top tools for UI testing. so let us look at what is Cypress? and why is it so famous?

But first…

Let’s understand what is end-to-end and UI testing?

End to End Testing - A type of testing in which business processes are tested from start to finish under production-like circumstances. (Ref: ISTQB)

UI Testing - Testing performed by interacting with the software under test via the graphical user interface. (Ref: ISTQB)

What is Cypress?

Cypress is a javascript end to end testing tool that enables you to run fast, easy and reliable test for anything that runs in a browser and it’s FREE and Open Source

If you want to feel safer then ever before about your front-end: Cypress is the way to go.

End to end testing is boring, brittle, unreliable, unpleasant, and hard to maintain but it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. Cypress makes the whole end to end testing experience enjoyable, reliable, and fast.

Flaky tests are the biggest reason for frustration when it comes to end to end tests.

Why is it so famous?

Cypress provides an all in one development experience for writing the end to end tests by bringing all good testing tools one might need under one roof.

Here are some of the features that make cypress stand out:

  • Time Travel: This is the coolest Cypress feature that takes snapshots as your tests run.
  • Debuggability
  • Automatic Waiting
  • Spies, Stubs, and Clocks
  • Network Traffic Control
  • Consistent Results
  • Screenshots and Videos
  • Cross-browser Testing

To learn more please refer to Cypress features docs.


If you want to feel excited again about the end to end testing, try Cypress

Thanks for reading! 🎊 Hope you learned something useful. Don’t hesitate to share, or post a comment or send me a message on LinkedIn 🙏

Please leave the comment below if you want to know more or have any questions. I will be happy to help.


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